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The owner of Iraqi persona

It’s a pleasure to talk to our website visitors I’m Saja Aledrisi the owner of Iraqi persona website , Here’s a short background about me but don’t worry I won’t bore you I’m an interesting person.

Born and raised in Iraq

I was born in Iraq in 1998.

Learning from the internet opened a lot of opportunities to me at a young age.

Even though Iraq was a country with a lot of problems for years now and not much opportunities.


Learning gave me the opportunity to

Work at American and European companies in Iraq and online

and got me a scholarship at the best foreign schools in Iraq

I worked as a translator for seven years switching between Arabic, English and Korean

Taught English conversation for 5 years

Taught Arabic for 2 years online

During all of that I got into pharmacy school and graduated in 2022

BUT enough about academically validating myself and flexing .


Me as a person

I’m a person that values real friendships and honesty I’m an introvert that has good social skills somehow . 
I like treating everyone with respect and expect the same in return

Something I become contradicting, I’m a nice and heartwarming person

but being nice got me into trouble before

So I become aggressive which is also not a good thing so I am still trying to find balance.

I like reading,working out and spending quality time with my loved ones.

I seek success everyday and admire people who seek that for themselves as well


and that’s part of the answer for the question

Why Iraqi persona

I always liked online learning and creating something new that’s personalized by a person that I like

I wanted to make a community of talented people from Iraq specifically to compensate the lack of opportunities in this country 

To show their abilities and getting appreciated by being paid for it.

So like an influencer basically that builds trust between them and their followers but here is the catch

Quality is the key a persona that doesn’t provide value won’t be accepted in the platform.

I thought it brings me happiness so it will to others.

Also I’m a business woman at heart, from a young age I always wanted to be one

hence all my decisions in life were revolving around it .

and since I graduated and has nothings to hold me back anymore (like hardcore exams in pharmacy school) 
I decided to open this website and put effort into it.

As the owner of Iraqi persona

I will always be truthful and justice to visitors, clients and creators and protect their privacy

You can contact me and my team via email [email protected]

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